Sardo’s Drivers Shields / Passenger Shields / Seat & Seatbelt Bands

We at Sardo Bus and Coach Upholstery have come together to figure out the best simple, cost-efficient, and yet effective ways to help with social distancing in coaches. Our products are made to help prevent the spread of germs, coughing, and sneezing while drivers/passengers are aboard coaches and transit city buses. Please call us at 1-800-654-3824 or email us at for more information and pricing.

Sardo Passenger Shields 

Lou Sardo created a hook attachment that is easy to attach and requires no drilling, snapping, or modifying your coach. The passenger shields line up behind the passengers and are meant to help prevent the spread through droplets from sneezing, coughing, or simply prevent passengers from touching the seats in front of them.

NEW Sardo Passenger Shield Installation 

Message from Lou Sardo on New Sardo Passenger Shield 


Sardo Seat bands – Universal – Horizontal & Vertical 

The Sardo Seat Bands are bands that can be tied on to any seat and promote social distancing throughout coaches. This band simply ties to the bottom of the seat and is universal to all makes and models. The bands can come in a variety of colors such as blue, red, and black. The horizontal band is a little different and attaches with Velcro.

Sardo Seatbelt Bands – Universal – DO NOT SIT 

The Sardo Seatbelt Band is a universal band that can be customized and done in a variety of colors. This is a simple and effective way to buckle the belt and install one of our bands to inform and ensure that no passengers are sitting in blocked off seats.

Sardo’s Behind Driver’s Shields – Motorcoaches 

A plastic shield that attached behind the driver to the top of the under luggage racks with snaps. These snaps allow for the shield to be removed and reinstalled for cleaning and disinfecting. This shield gives the driver extra protection from behind. We offer this shield for numerous makes and models. See images and video below of some of our shields installed.

MCI J4500 – Behind Driver’s Shield Video

Vanhool TX45 – Behind Driver’s Shield Video

Vanhool CX45 – Behind Driver’s Shield Video

Sardo’s Driver’s Protective Shield w/ Plexi Glass Window 

This shield is one of our simple methods to help protect school bus drivers and will also work for transit buses. This shield attached with a strong Velcro and is VERY easy to install. The plexiglass window allows for drivers to clearly view the mirrors without any glare or distortion. (see video link below) 

Sardo Protective Shields for School Bus w/ Window

Sardo’s Driver’s Protective Shield for Transit and Inner-City Buses 

For Transit Buses, we created a shield that is a full-coverage shield that has a 10 inch over lap that allows easy access to open and close. This shield is also easy to install and very effective. (see video link below) 

Sardo Driver’s Shield for Transit and City Buses